Tomaso Binga and Donatella Spaziani | ERICA RAVENNA ARTE CONTEMPORANEA

Tomaso Binga Donatella Spaziani | ERICA RAVENNA

curated by Laura Cherubini and Erica Ravenna
12 Dec 2017 – 15 Mar 2018 

This exhibition project deepens the theme of the body as subject, focusing on the relation between the works of Tomaso Binga and Donatella Spaziani, two artists from different generations. Tomaso Binga transforms the alphabetic signs into a lively writing where the body becomes a language in itself. Her writing seems to delineate multiple possibilities for a new interpretation of the female body—as well as poetry does, outside the pre-constituted semantics and structures. Instead, in Donatella Spaziani, the spatial and temporal dimensions are in relation to the body, in an emotional tension splitting within anonymous environments, as provisional and oppressive as contemporary living. An impulse to escape, by declining the dark silhouettes into new forms.

Although with a personal and different touch, Tomaso Binga and Donatella Spaziani works have analogies in the use of materials, such as wallpaper. In Tomaso Binga, the wallpaper is a surface that recalls the passivity associated to the female body, traditionally secluded in the domestic walls and roles; a passivity that the artist manages to sabotage with her witty and sharp sign. In Donatella Spaziani, the wallpaper is both synthesis of the space around and emotional background, which the black body silhouettes are moving on and dealing with.

Via Margutta 17