Long live the revolution | WUNDERKAMMERN

Long live the revolution | WUNDERKAMMERN

Long live the revolution
Tomaso Binga, Paolo Buggiani, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring and Ken Hiratsuka
curated by Giuseppe Ottavianelli
Critical essay by Serena Silvestrini and Egidio Emiliano Bianco
02 Dec 2017 – 25 Feb 2018

Exhibited at Wunderkammern Rome for the first time, artworks by great masters who have marked contemporary art history, thanks to their will to think outside the box: Tomaso Binga (Salerno, Italy,1931); Paolo Buggiani (Castelfiorentino, Italy, 1933); Keith Haring (Reading, USA, 1958-1990); Richard Hambleton (Vancouver, Canada, 1954-2017) and Ken Hiratsuka (Shimodate, Japan, 1959).

Art revolution: that is the motto Paolo Buggiani has appropriated by indelibly impressing it on his skin with a tattoo. For the Tuscan artist, revolution is a necessary act to change a static situation, an explosive gesture whose final aim is to bring progress. <Rebellion, thought as a subversion of a static order, is the driving force for every artist featured in the show.
Artworks exhibited in Long live the revolution are connected with each other by a scheme which repeats with different procedures: they are thought to surprise viewers, to astonish them by catching their attention, leading them to a reflection and, in a desirable way, to a felt and deep awareness of the necessity of change.


Tomaso Binga is the artistic name for Bianca Pucciarelli in Menna, an artist who decided to change her name into a male one as a provocative act pointing out the countless privileges which defined the male world, at a time when women were largely discriminated and feminist’s movements were starting.

Paolo Buggiani, born in Castelfiorentino (Florence), in the heart of Tuscany, has spent a considerable part of his artistic activity in New York, becoming internationally recognized for his installations of fire sculptures and activities within the Street Art Movement.

Richard Hambleton, called the “godfather of street art”, along with his contemporaries Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, he is best known for his “Shadowman”, wherein he painted black paint on hundreds of buildings across New York, with the aim of shocking passersby.

Keith Haring is an American artist that started gaining prominence since the early 1980s with his graffiti drawings made in the subways and on the sidewalks of New York. Throughout his career, Haring devoted much of his time to public projects, which often carried social messages.

Ken Hiratsuka, born in Shimodate City, Japan, has been living in New York since 1982. Driven by his vision of art transcending the differences of nations and languages, he started creating works characterized by maze-like designs of infinite variation

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