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So Long | End-of-residence exhibition 
Thomas Berra and Corinna Gosmaro Elke Dreier and Analia Martinez
13 Dec 2017 – 14 Feb 2018

So Long (Arrivederci), an end-of-residence exhibition by artists Thomas Berra, Elke DreierCorinna Gosmaro and Analia Martinez.
The exhibition showcase the results of the research carried out by each artist during the months they spent in Italy and Germany.
Thomas Berra and Corinna Gosmaro are the winners of the 5th edition of 6ARTISTA. Progetto per giovani artisti, conceived in 2009 by the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in collaboration with Associazione Civita. This year, the prize was awarded with the support of SIAE | Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura. The two artists have spent three months in Rome, inside the Pastificio Cerere, and three months in Freising, at the Schafhof – European House of Art Upper Bavaria, which in turn selected artists Elke Dreier and Analia Martinez for artist-inresidence project (Transfer > Rome), an exchange program that enabled them to spend three months in the Pastificio Cerere. The works by the four artists will also be presented at the exhibition site of the Schafhof –European House of Art Upper Bavaria in the spring of 2018.

Thomas Berra (Milan, 1986) drew inspiration from family photographs to tell the love story of uncle Franco and aunt Renata, which is a metaphor for both the need to live and love, and the post-war period, which was characterised by political and economic vicissitudes that have influenced the recent past. Using a “Grand Hotel” storytelling method, which Renata was very fond of, the artist created a pictorial book of which around 2000 copies will be distributed using a newsstand, designed by Park Associati studio, located in the Pastificio Cerere courtyard.

Elke Dreier (Memmingen, 1984) studies body language as a form of communication that tries to make sense of the world through gestures, often without us knowing. The artist isolates daily communication processes from their usual context, analyses them from a formal standpoint, and then depicts them by use of video-installations. In Explanation and Some Clouds, an astronomer illustrates the constellations in front of a blue sky, thereby stimulating the viewer’s imagination.

The installation by Corinna Gosmaro (Turin, 1987) is part of a broader project that includes the creation of a series of sculptures inspired by objects linked to the funeral rites of different historic periods. The exhibited shapes recall those of Egyptian cosmetic palettes from the predynastic period, namely the first instances of narration, which bear witness to that time. A reflection on how the awareness of our transient nature has always underlaid culture and civilisation, and this historical memory.

Analia Martinez (Buenos Aires, 1986) presents Orbita, a reflection of the copy and reproductionprocess. The works – which are inspired by images of both concave and convex objects, such asvases or empty niches – are monotypes and paintings that represent the unstoppable frenzy for appropriation, preservation and cloning, which has always been part of the history of Rome.

So Long – which is the final stage of a broader cultural exchange and residence project – enables the Fondazione to confirm its role as a cultural hub, an experimentation and training centre where different disciplines cross, a space for restoring the creative energies that operate and coexist in the area, with a keen eye to the international artistic scene.

6ARTISTA. Progetto per giovani artisti The 6ARTISTA. Progetto per giovani artisti residence programme, which was launched in 2009, was conceived by the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere of Rome with the goal of providing artists under the age of 35 living in Italy with an opportunity for growth and training. The award – which is one of the first to offer residence programmes in Rome for Italian artists – includes the selection of two winners for each edition, who are given the opportunity to reside and work inside the Pastificio Cerere with the goal of exchanging experiences with the artists who live and visit the building, but also curators, critics, gallerists and collectors. Moreover, the reputation of the several partners that have been involved during the years makes it possible for part of the residence to take place abroad. The winners of past years include Tomaso de Luca, Adelita Husni-Bey, Margherita Moscardini and many more. artist-in-residence project (Transfer > Rome) The artist-in-residence project (Transfer > Rome) programme is promoted by the Schafhof -European House of Art in Upper Bavaria, a contemporary art centre located in Freising, in the Munich area. The institution organises yearly residence exchanges with other European countries thanks to the support of the Upper Bavaria District, which has been offering scholarships for contemporary artists since 2005. The Schafof’s green surroundings, exceptional architecture and versatile cultural programme enable it to be a unique centre where artists can focus on their work while getting to know the artistic scene of Munich and Upper Bavaria. The cultural programme offers many events devoted to contemporary art, such as conferences, workshops, guided tours, classes for children and adults, but also events in the field of cinema, music, theatre and literature.

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