Simon Edmondson | SPAZIO NUOVO

Simon Edmondson | SPAZIO NUOVO

Curated by Guillaume Maitre and Paulo Pérez Mouriz
24 oct 2018 – 30 nov 2018

Simon Edmondson presents a series of new extremely refined paintings that, through their executive strength, create a pictorial universe of complex emotions between dreamland and nostalgia, Figurative and expressionism, the secrecy of halls and lobbies, seem to evoke the very nature of our existence, between presence and absence.

Through some kind of plastic strength the artist unveils a world of splendor and modernity in a poetic and decadent key. The twelve works exhibited establish an interesting dialogue between the present and the past, depicting elements of interior decoration in an almost figurative manner as if they were a subtle embodiment of a reclined Olympia, Maja or Venus.

The past and what refers to it turn into the artist’s fundamental allies. At the same time his slender portraits of delicate couples draw your attention on the barriers between awareness and unawareness, between dream and reality.

Simon Edmondson (London, 1955) stands out in the contemporary British figurative art world and lives and works in Madrid. His passion for Velázquez and Goya, his love for poetry and his commitment in symbolist art make him a delicate and ambiguous artist. Sometimes akin to the universe of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon, he differs for a more positive vision of life and light of which he is a refined expert. A mere pictorial inspiration allows him to exhibit essential themes with unexpected accuracy and transport.

Via D’Ascanio, 20