Riccardo Ajossa | SPAZIO NUOVO

Riccardo Ajossa | SPAZIO NUOVO

curated by Guillaume Maitre and Paulo Perez Mouriz
09 oct 2019 – 23 nov 2019

Trame Lontane is structured as a site-specific project to welcome the visitor in an elsewhere world whose monumental works are its main characteristic.

Event, fact, artistic product: Riccardo Ajossa’s works arise from the fusion of these terms and manifest in a sensitive tridimensionality that enraptures the curiosity of the mind. Through a precise methodical approach, Riccardo Ajossa aims at recovering the movements and secrets of the ancient art of Korean paper making, better known as Hanji, thus engaging in a work that mixes the anthropological value with the artistic one. The aspect and presentation of the pieces of paper catch the eye as a surprise that comes from something very similar to meditation, a course along which time and means of execution allow the natural elements to surface in an ancestral manner.

The environmental dimensions of the works have the strength to carry the onlooker within natural extensions along a path of colours, odours and sensations. With these works Riccardo Ajossa avoids the big mistake of wanting to anticipate the result as regards the commitment, leaving nature to follow its course and presenting itself in full harmony with the human substance. The outcome of each effort, whether small or big, hidden behind the scenes, allows one to lose himself and fall within a strip of art that sincerely welcomes and respects the most subtle inclinations of the soul, just as would a breathtaking landscape.

The fusion between creativity and laboratorial professionalism form the appropriate balance to transform time and space into a cultural depth and an opportunity to go beyond our awareness of the paper.

Riccardo Ajossa, 1974, lives and works in Rome. Invited as artist-curator at the second Master Class of the Venice Biennale 2011, the video documentary of the work he carried out is preserved in the archive of the Fondazione Biennale di Venezia. He has been cooperating with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma for over ten years where he established the first laboratory for the production of hand made paper through methods of the East and the West applied to contemporary art. He presented his research at the Marmara Academy (Turkey), Cornell (USA), FBAUL (Portugal), the Academy of Leipzig (Germany) and the Museum Tonspur in Vienna. His works are preserved at the Athens Benaky Museum, the Museo Bilotti in Rome and Cosenza, the Museum of the Vatican Consiglio Pontificio and in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Rome.

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