Riccardo Ajossa | SPAZIO NUOVO

Riccardo Ajossa | SPAZIO NUOVO

curated by Marco Antonio Nakata
25 Oct 2017 – 30 Nov 2017

Spazio Nuovo presents the exhibition #incerticonfini by Riccardo Ajossa, curated by Marco Antonio Nakata.
The show is a close up of the installation presented in San Paolo, Brazil last May. It focuses on the essay of Art Historian Erwin Panofsky, articulated around the late Titan canvas titled “Allegory of Prudence”.

The studio was outlined following the invitation of the curator as a researcher and lover of Italian culture. The dialogue between the curator and the artist has developed over years of cartography and research, as well as reflections and insights with the aim of presenting a contemporary reading from the first intuition addressed in the treatise of the art historian. Erwin Panofsky’s theme reflects an awareness and understanding of the events of the past in order to better understand the present, and manage the consequences of the future. Act with caution.

The classical interpretation of the iconographical image has been the starting point of the work that has been enriched by experiments consisting of photographic surveys, natural color proofs, and handmade paperwork made of fibers and watermarks.

Spazio Nuovo presents a selection of works focusing on photographic experiments on classical subjects. Among them are images by Riccardo Ajossa, who photographed the reflections of masterpieces, by Titan and Tiepole, on the wet sand on the beaches of Algarve in Portugal, placing detailed prints of them in front of the light water sand.

The result is a poetic work composed of vibrant images, in which the subject progressively becomes abstract in form, among the ripples of the water. Along with the reflections, a series of Korean Hanji papers, produced by the artist himself with the bark of the Dak plant according to the technique of stick typing, learned by Riccardo Ajossa during his trips to South Korea for a better understanding of traditional paper production. A trip promoted by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where the artist teaches in the department of Graphic Arts.

The rest of the research presented in the exhibition highlights the overlapping of antique papers, watermarks, and hand-crafted papers. As well as the search for natural color extraction, learned through historical recipes, with which all the cards on display are dyed.

Riccardo Ajossa, 1974, lives and works in Rome. He was invited as an artist-curator at the second Master Class of the 2011 Venice Biennial, the video documentary of his works for the project are preserved in the archives of the Venice Biennial Foundation. For more than ten years Riccardo Ajossa has worked with the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he set up the first workshop for the production of artisan paper through Oriental and Western methodologies applied to contemporary art. Riccardo Ajossa has presented his research at the Academy of Marmara (Turkey), Cornell (USA), FBAUL (Portugal), the Leipzig Academy (Germany), and the Tonspur Museum in Vienna. His works are kept at the Benaki Museum in Athens, at the Bilotti Museum Rome-Cosenza, at the Vatican’s Political Council Museum, and at the National Library of Rome.

Marco Antonio Nakata
, is a Brazilian curator and diplomat that has dedicated most of his career to cultural diplomacy, digital and press relations. He was responsible for promoting Brazilian culture in Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, and Bratislava, by promoting exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and the creation of art publications. He has worked in Brasília and London, and will be the Vice Consul at the Brazilian Consulate in New York from November of 2017.

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