Curated by Teodora di Robilant
25 Oct 2017 – 02 Dic 2017

Part 1” One show, four young artists.
Lulù Nuti, Simone Pappalardo, Baldassarre Ruspoli and Delfina Scarpa use different materials.
Paper, glass, plastic, iron and wood are unexpected combinations. They become works that can be hung on the wall, suspended, placed on bases or on the floor, while a sound will accompany the visitors through the gallery rooms.

Lulù Nuti French-Italian artist born in 1988. Graduated at the Ecole Supérieure Nationale des beaux arts in Paris, currently living between Rome and Paris. Lulù Nuti presents a series of drawings, conceived during an artist residency on a Cargo boat, called Cielo d’Italia. The drawings are two-sided and represent the movements of the boat during the days and night of navigation. The Horizon(s) series were made in 2012, they are born from the need of going beyond the boundary of a sheet.

Simone Pappalardo Born in 1976, he graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome. His work, positioned at the centre of the room, resonates in the gallery space. It is characterized by a series of glass, wood and plastic amps, placed on various bases with different heights. The objects vibrate and emit sounds that spread into the environment. Simone Pappalardo has always been dedicated to sound and its possible declinations. His works are related to the investigation of the relationship between form and timbre.

Baldassare Ruspoli Born in Florence in 1993. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Goldsmiths University in London, he currently lives and works in Berlin. Baldassare Ruspoli presents a site-specific installation, part of a project initiated in 2016 called Construction Pieces, questioning the artist’s own interaction within the confinements of a room.

Delfina Scarpa Born in Rome in 1993, she studies sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Rome. Delfina Scarpa’s drawings are impulsive sketches, created with extreme simplicity. They describe a naive imagery, portraying animals or people with a spontaneous and fluid gesture. The drawings have different characteristics, however when put together they build a clear narrative, initially thought by the artist. The four artists come from diverse backgrounds and relate to each other independently. They meet for the first time within the gallery space, where strong affinities are born between their works, creating a unified atmosphere.


Via del Gesù, 62