Sabina Mirri and Verde Edrev | ALESSANDRA BONOMO GALLERY

Sabina Mirri and Verde Edrev | ALESSANDRA BONOMO GALLERY

Tell me more | Sabina Mirri and Verde Edrev.
14 oct 2020 – 23 dec 2020

Sabina Mirri‘s exhibition Going to be a cult character has been renewed with the addition of new collages in tissue paper, characterized by the ambiguous presence of a humanized hare among other subjects.

A large installation in the centre of the room materializes the famous Studiolo that appears in San Girolamo by Antonello da Messina. The enchantment felt in the presence of the masterpiece gave rise to the desire to represent the environment in a monumental and modern form. Thus a usable sculpture, an apparatus capable of fermenting thoughts and ideas, was born: the artist’s workshop, a laboratory for conceiving projects and devising solutions. The Studiolo also becomes a “vehicle – device” capable of activating and transforming itself in the presence of works by other artists. After having invited Sandro Chia to arrange three watercolours in the Studiolo, Verde Edrev, based in London and trained at the Brera Academy, will intervene in the exhibition.

In her collages, Sabina Mirri plays with the layering of cards; adding and removing become fundamental passages for the definition of her work, which acquires lights and shadows thanks to a tonal balance of the highest pictorial value, without having to mix colors. The drawing – dashed in rapid and effectively circumscribed traces – the cutting and shaping of the paper, the gradations and the chromatic mixture are fulfilled in the superimposition of multiple surface levels. A modus operandi that recalls the ancient technique of preparatory drawing.

Verde Edrev is invited to rethink the installation by exhibiting new acrylic paintings on canvas that create a sensation of an intimate and creative dimension, at the same time volatile and material. Her works focus on the dialectic between the Ego and its counterpart, between reason and the unconscious. The works are testimony to what unites us human beings; and triggering a reflection on the subject, they sharpen the emotions. If life puts us in front of uncertainties, what prevails is the will to free the image and free the mind to connect it to a new body, the support of the surface. Hence the development of an artistic language that aims to reunite opposites. Sacred and profane, past and present. Nudity removes the patina and the masks we have and becomes an opportunity for knowledge of the Self. By inviting us to mirror each other, Verde Edrev removes the veils to find a link and reconciliation in diversity.The dialogue between the two artists will orchestrate and expand the story: Tell me more.

Sabina Mirri (Rome) defines herself as swiss-roman She lives and works in Petrolo in Mercatale Valdarno (Arezzo). Her work begins in the 80s with her first reviews dedicated to her by Achille Bonito Oliva from the Post Transavanguardia. Afterwards, she then moved to New York where her personal and collective work was exhibited at the Annina Nosei Gallery. She took part in numerous biennials: 1983, the Trigon Biennial, Graz; the XIII Biennial of Paris and the XVIII Biennial of San Paolo; in 1989, the International Biennial of Art in Istanbul and the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Guimares, Portugal; in 1985 she participated at the A New Romanticism collective, Sixteen Artists from Italy, Hirshhorn Museum in Washington; in 1991 at the 60-90: trenta anni di avanguardie romane exhibition, curated by Laura Cherubini, Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome; at the exhibition in 1993. All roads lead to Rome, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. Recent solo shows include: Inventario (provvisorio) dello studio d’artista at Passaggi Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Pisa, 2017; Quadri succulenti at the Francesca Antonacci Gallery in Rome, 2015; Stretching-Skeitching at the Danziger House in New York, 2013; Sabina Mirri, Elisabette Rasy, Oneroom, Rome, 2013; Con caffè con panna at the Rhode Island School on Design (RISD), 2010; Figli della Poesia in curated by Edith Shloss at the Keats Shelley House in Rome, 2007. Recent collective shows include: In 2009, Collezione Dessì, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva at the Palazzo Bernini in Rome; in 2011, Nascor 2- tra arte e natura at the Fondazione Studio Carrieri Noesi Martina Franca; in 2013, Ritratto di una città #2. Arte e Roma 1960-2001 at Macro in Rome; Pubbliche intimità curated by Silvano Vassallo in Bologna.

Verde Edrev, nom de plume of Verde Cordero di Montezemolo, was born in Florence in 1995. She currently lives and works in London. Her work is mainly expressed through painting and installation, building up a narrative about human’s universe. She is interested in diving into the collective unconscious, and what ties us together making us part of the same whole beyond any difference. She looks at the body and the sky as common elements that we all constantly experience. She gained a BA in Communication and Education of Art at the Academy of Brera in Milan in 2018, and afterwards a MA in Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School in 2019. Alongside several experimental shows in Milan during university, which we recall Controcanto, Plasma Plastic, 2018, she has her first solo exhibition in 2017, Cammino Distratto, C2 Contemporanea2, Florence; followed by the next one in 2019, A testa in giù, at the Castello Ginori di Querceto. Among the most recent shows: The Sky is bigger if you tell me what you see, City and Guilds of London Art School, London, 2019; This is the House We Built, private space, London, 2020; So Close So Good, Numeroventi, Florence, 2020. She also collaborates in Educational projects for children: In fila per tre, Spaces Milano, 2019; Ti regalo un’idea, curated by Michela Eremita, Museo di Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, 2020. 

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