Curated by Simone Camerlengo
13 dec 2019 – 24 jan 2020

Two months have gone by since the end of this project, and I wonder is it too short to ‘digest’ everything? Or, perhaps, the right amount of time? Perhaps an artist cannot calculate the necessary time to digest a work of art or its production process? Who knows with which questions I left the artist with regards to their experience and their work. In the shift from studio to exhibition space, what happens to the work itself? How do the artists live this transition of their work? Do the artists in the show further expose themselves or abandon a part of themselves?

Conceived by Simone Camerlengo, VIEW is a group show realised in collaboration with Monitor, who presents the works resulting from “OPENWORK, a focus on painting.” The show offers an opportunity to reflect on both the medium and the finished work, while trying to spark a deep interest in the process itself.

The project focuses exclusively on the practice of painting, placing emphasis on its creative process and making it available to the viewer, rather than solely offering the finished work. From April to October 2019, ten curators and ten artists met at Camerlegno’s studio SenzaBagno in Pescara. Each artist was paired with a curator, with whom, over the course of three days, they shared the often intimate moment of the creative process, in an unfamiliar space open to the public. The pairs of guests were thus in a singular condition in which there was a continuous and direct exchange with the public.

Via Sforza Cesarini, 43a