OPAVIVARÁ! | Bevete più latte |MAGAZZINO

Bevete più latte
27 sep 2019 – 20 nov 2019

First solo show in Italy of the Brazilian collective OPAVIVARÁ!, titled Bevete più latte.

For their debut show with Magazzino, OPAVIVARÁ! Has decided to create a liquid proposal, inspired in the title to the famous episode from the film Boccaccio ’70 directed by Federico Fellini, Le Tentazioni del Dottor Antonio in which Antonio Mazzuolo (Peppino de Filippo), a man who is rigid in his conservative conventions and censorious and is profoundly disturbed by the female body, develops a noxious relationship with a monumental advertisement billboard of Anita Ekberg. Milk, becomes of OPAVIVARÁ!, a rhetorical figure mixed in a collage in which popular and contemporary culture find space, together with industrial and recycling materials, characteristic of the practice of the Brazilian collective.

The figure of the Lupa Capitolina is reformulated in various versions, through objects that belong to our most daily and intimate practices. The works, disposed both inside and outside the gallery space, invite the public to draw physically, to an experience and their inebriating fluids. As the artists write, “Everything flows from the skin, the body frontier, to the interior of the guts, like the gush of body liquids that want to reach the other, other bodies, to become other, in a sensorial fusion.“

The objective of the artists is that of stimulating this circulation, that is both personal and social, with the “aim to circulate inside and outside ourselves, through the city arteries and veins, sharing our desires while opening new possibilities of being together. It’s a show to see, to touch, to drink and to come. Just as you are.”

Piazza Farnese Rome