Ortica | FRUTTA

Ortica | FRUTTA

17 March – 26 May 2018

Frutta hosts Ortica, a temporary shop devoted to plants and specialty coffee with artworks by Santo Tolone, Alek O., Gabriele De Santis, Ditte Gantriis, Isabell Heimerdinger, Lauren Keeley, Jacopo Miliani, Alessandro Vizzini, Spring, Gundam Air and many others.

Ortica shows, for a limited period of time, a selection of plants carefully chosen by affectionate collectors, experienced botanists and some of northern Europe’s best growers. Amongst many other species: Monstera variegata, Sophora prostrata, Tephrocactus geometricus, Ficus iyrata, Senecio herreianus, Pilea peperomoides and Stenocactus hastatus, can be viewed and acquired. Further plants will be added to the collection during the period of the show.

Every day of the week Ortica will be preparing and serving Specialty coffee. All the coffees, including Ortica’s own blend, are from Scottish independent roaster – Artisan Roast.

Ortica’s residency within the gallery will be punctuated by talks, screenings and workshops based on an in-depth analysis of the plant kingdom and coffee – focusing on the points of intersection between these two domains and their relationship to exhibition making.

Via dei Salumi, 53