Niente può fermarmi
Curated by Giuseppe Pizzuto 
17 Mar 2018 – 14 Apr 2018

After his first solo show in the Milanese gallery of Wunderkammern in 2016, JonOne arrives at Rome in the prestigious frame of Palazzo Velli in Trastevere. French by naturalization, JonOne is one of the most important contemporary artists and a key figure in the world of graffiti. JonOne‘s works have been exhibited in famous institutions such as Cartier Foundation and Grand Palais in Paris. He boasts collaborations with international brands such as Lacoste, Perrier, Air France and Guerlain. Hardly definable with a single art movement, his production is the result of the perfect union between graffiti and abstract expressionism. Between calligraphy and performative use of color.

Niente può fermarmi” is the first solo show by JonOne in Rome and the first exhibition of Wunderkammern organized to be hosted at Palazzo VelliCogito Ergo Sum, as Descartes has said. Scribo Ergo Sum, would say JonOne. It is impossible to explain which is the energy leading a writer to tag on all walls of his city and on walls of all cities in the world. We can only try to imagine that the energy pushing to a perfect style research, with a nearly monastic study – besides challenging laws of the so-called civil society – is something which creates addiction. Pushing to do it. And then re-do it. And then re-do it again. And making you never want to stop. The only strength that can push to do such an extreme, revolutionary, uncalled gesture, is the unbreakable need to remind everyone, and first of all to oneself, that we are there. There and in that moment, and in all moments when who will pass by will read that name.

Via Gabrio Serbelloni, 124