Joanne Burke, Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi | OPERATIVA ARTE CONTEMPORANEA

Joanne Burke, Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi | OPERATIVA

A Ten Boed Poynt in a Wave
18 oct 2019 – 8 dec 2019

A Ten Boed Poynt in a Wave is an Elizabethan English term used to describe the XVI century technique employed to define a fine fabric ribbon which supports a pendant jewel. The expression, found among the inventory of Elizabeth the Ist closet, blends the art of ribbon making and of jewellery together.  As the ribbon flows into a precious jewel at our gaze, Joanne Burke and Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi artworks are here weaved together in a watery, fluid joint show connection. A Ten Boed Poynt in a Wave is a jewel-sculpture collection of pieces refreshing the tradition of Italian modern design on one hand, and traditional jewel making on the other. The gallery host a selection of ceramic design pieces with jewelled inserts ranging from tender, organic shapes hanging from the ceiling like old chandeliers to geometric, hard shaped works like almost vanity objects.  As in the seamless crossing between the ribbon which supports the jewel and the jewel which decorates the ribbon, the idea of a wave is here recalled as a design in nature as well as in artisanal form. The infinite interpretation of the title is mirrored throughout the show while also reminding us of the art and craft of decorative arts and design.

Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi (Rome, 1980) currently lives in Milan where she works as art director and set designer. Her Personal research leads to develop objects and spaces with a primary interest about forms and natural materials, in combination with an evolving focus on timeless pieces, evoking primitive yet refined shapes .She has been collaborating with Pretziada, Sem, Bloc Studios and Karpeta. Solo Shows: Feminin, Design Parade Toulon, Villa Noailles, France, 2017; Panorama, Milan Design Week, curated by Annalisa Rosso, 2018.

Joanne Burke (Norfolk, 1982) is a self-taught British jewellery artist. Her hand sculpted works are made season-less in limited editions which combine anthropomorphic figures and abstract forms with an undercurrent of eroticism. Inspired by the symbology behind jewellery and what it used to represent in the past, culturally, socially and politically. Believing each jewel is a piece of a larger story which the wearer can interpret as they wish.

Piazza Farnese Rome