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Ana Botezatu In the making | RICHTER FINE ART

12 dec 2018 – 31 jan 2019

Alex Bodea (RO), Ana Botezatu (RO), Dario Carratta (IT), Luca Grechi (IT).
A collective exhibition with sketches, drawings, sculptures and paintings by the four artists, of which Alex Bodea and Ana Botezatu for the first time in Rome.

The idea of the exhibition In the making has been conceived to try to create – within the gallery- an experimental “workshop” revolving around each artist’s background; mostly, it has been conceived to create a fabric through which they can spontaneously contaminate each other.

In the making connects these four artists that, afar from each other for their styles, have the same approach to their activity: the daily life. For this reason and to give value to the exhibition’s experimental approach, the artworks are in a processing and definition stage, as the artists themselves will work together in the gallery, as if it were their atelier, giving life to the exhibition.

This collective exhibition has been conceived by the gallery owner, Tommaso Richter, to gather the artists he selected and that are part of the gallery network, as Alex Bodea and Ana Botezatu, Dario Carratta and Luca Grechi; he aims at stimulating them and testing possible experimentations of the “means” as viscerally and primordially as possible.

Alex Bodea was born in Romania; she lives and works in Berlin moving among visual arts, journalism, and storytelling. She is fostered by the desire to testify and record, and she uses a drawing and text-based language, which elements are reduced to the essential. She is mainly interested in documenting the aspects of street life, daily life in big cities, the kinds of passers-by, social dynamics, and interactions. In her fact-finding missions she collaborated with and created visual narrations on institutions such as Serralves Foundation (Porto), Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Martin-Gropius-Bau, HAU, Berliner Festspiele, Deutsche Oper, Deutsches Theater, International Literatur Festival (Berlin), Art Encounters Foundation (Timișoara) and several artists, writers, and actors. Alex Bodea founded The Fact Finder, a space she manages in Berlin, devoted to artists working through field research, filing, investigation, and storytelling.

Ana Botezatu was born in 1982; she lives and works in Berlin. By working with different means, from ceramic to embroidery, from toys to collage, from food to found objects, her artworks follow a complete process of naturalization until they completely blend with her world. With a special care for every symbol, model, plant, and creature, deeply and highly marked by the environment she works in, her objects reveal the impressions of the internal child who travels with curiosity and apprehension across a fantastic world. She exhibited at Lateral Art Space, Cluj, Romania, 2018, Quadro Gallery, Cluj, Romania, 2018, Romanian Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale, animations, illustrations 2016, Deltakraft, ICR, Vienna design week, 2016, Amprenta, Madalina Dan, Soda/Berlin, Vienna Art Fair “Dear Money” 2013, Illustratie Biënnale, Haarlem, Olanda 2012, “Rand Figuren” Kunstverein Bamberg, Germany, 2012, Contemporary Drawing, Kunstverein Bamberg 2012, Itabashi Art Museum, Japan 2012 

Dario Carratta was born in Gallipoli in 1988. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; he uses painting to transfer to canvas dystopic, upsetting views of characters walking the line between the concreteness of what is real and the evanescence of the dream. His main exhibition projects include:  –  Angry Boys – Det Ny Kastet Museum- Thisted (Denmark, 2018) –  Straperetana – (Pereto, 2017)  , Sniff my leather jacket (GalleriaRichter fineart, 2017), Artist in residence Italian ambassador residence -Villa Firenze –  (Washington DC 2017 ), Creart – Collection in Progress- (Museo dei Teatini – Lecce 2016),  Early Adopter- Allegra Nomad Gallery- (Bucharest 2015),  –  The Grass Grows, riehenestrasse 74-( Basel 2014), Petty Tehft- Launch F18 Gallery-  (New York 2015).

Luca Grechi was born in 1985 in Grosseto; he lives and works in Rome. From 2004 to 2008 he traveled through Central America, South America and France. He settled in Rome and in 2010 he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts with artist Enzo Orti. During his travels he deepened his interest for live and landscape drawing, developing a peculiar aptitude for abandoned objects and papers collection; these papers and object, left at the mercy of the events, are highly evocative elements for his current research, which is inspired by the observation of nature, the transformation and evolution of things in relation to the time passing by. His latest personal exhibitions include: C’è una volta ( Galleria Richter Fine Art, 2017, Roma), Infinito, (Galleria La Linea, 2016, Montalcino) Un sasso sul mare #2, (Sala Santa Rita, 2016, Roma) Sinkhole (Galleria Artothèque de Rome, Roma, 2013). His latest collective exhibitions include: It Was not me, ( Wonder-Liebert, 2018, Parigi), Forever Never Comes, ( Museo Archeologico della Maremma, 2017, Grosseto), Non amo che le rose che non colsi, ( Galleria Richter Fine Art, 2016, Rome), Asyndeton, (Castello di Rivara, 2016, Rivara, To) L’Uomo, Il Suono, La Natura, ( Terravecchia, 2016, Campania ) I Materiali della pittura, (Il Frantoio, 2016, Capalbio ) Iconologia Onirica, (Galleria La Linea, 2015, Montalcino), The Grass Grows,( Basel, 2014). In 2016 he exhibited at Mac in Lissone on the occasion of the Premio Lissone.

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