06 dec 2018 – 30 mar 2019

Elementi Contrapposti is an exhibition that combines the artworks of Domenico LaterzaRobin Seir and Nicole Voltan, with the aim of proposing a shared dialogue between these young artists who are linked by an aesthetic language that goes beyond the traditional medium of painting.

The exhibition in Mucciaccia Contemporary‘s spaces will unfold through the silent and veiled relationships between the different artworks in a path in which the differences will be highlighted, but still characterized by echoes and recalls.

The artists rework common materials through a process of adding, eliminating and layering; actions that express a cheery and laborious creativity in order to bring out a sign language made of visual narratives.

The artists communicate independently and use themes drawn from a deep understanding of their surroundings. The work of Domenico Laterza is marked by the appropriation of everyday materials, while Robin Seir operates cognitively by entering iconic elements, and finally Nicole Voltan deals with subjects such as geography and astrology making them her strong points.

Domenico Laterza (Milan, 1988) presents sculptures taken from the series Small Dancers. The works are composed through the layering of advertising flyers. A common object stolen from the mechanisms of everyday life shaped by the artist into a supple form which unexpectedly reveal its aesthetic potential.

As a dance, the thread-like sculptural silhouette reveals the sensual material of the paper while the vibrant and changing colors capture the viewer’s gaze.

Robin Seir (Gothenburg, Sweden, 1986) exhibits, for the first time in Italy, a group of unpublished works wherein he rewrites a new aesthetic language. Exposed in the exhibition are works born from a meditation on visual elements traditionally involved in the cognitive processes.

Otikira, evokes the aesthetics of an ancient and primordial reality and, together with other works, presents a material stratification in which visual agents taken from the world of modern communication and prehistoric writing are combined.

All areas of his works are perfectly balanced, the brightness and brilliance of the copper and silver colors, reminiscent precious industrial materials, lead to a compositional balance resulting from a slow and procedural creative work realized in phases and layers.

Nicole Voltan (Mestre, 1984) presents unpublished works, created in the wake of profound reflections on astrology, geography and the gravitational states of the planet. Ingiustificato ingigantimento di un distacco minimo di tufo is a site specific work in which the shapes drawn with tuff, cotton threads and needles remain suspended in our view thanks to a perfect balance created by the artist.

Nicole Voltan has the ability to perform branched analysis with a unique aesthetic of rarefied beauty. She draws astral constellations, geographic stratifications of our territory, and Earth’s flat cartography. Every works is a fragment of the immense science where man is the smallest part of the larger cosmos that await discovery.

Piazza Borghese, 1/A