Unpublished and ideals 
text by Elio Cappuccio
24 jan 2019 – 02 mar 2019

Second exhibition in the gallery by Davide Bramante.

Four years after the first exhibition, the self-explanatory title of Unpublished and Ideals introduces the concepts at the base of this project the and the artist’s intentions, new works, the fruit of recent and refined research.

Twenty works are exhibited, including pictures realised ad hoc for the exhibition and others from his archives as well as small sculptures that point toward a convergence of images and three dimensionality.

Aside from photographs portraying the world’s metropolises done with analogic equipment and multiple exposures – a procedure that has characterised Davide Bramante’s work for more than 20 years – the exhibition also contains a series of works that represent a recent development in the artist’s experimenting.

The “Unpublished” are those created by the artist using his normal technique, the result of several photographs – from four to nine – on the same photographic frame.  “Unpublished” are also the multiple pictures that overlap, that create the palimpsest of views, moments and stories Davide Bramante has lived and wishes to recount. 

Whether colour or black and white, from Rome to New York, the cities narrate the artist’s desire to show us the infinite fragments of beauty and harmony they possess.

The “Ideals” are instead the cities on which Davide Bramante has worked innovatively, creating a true photographic collage on which he then, using a gesture that becomes action, he intervenes pictorially.  With overlappings and multiple stratifications, Davide Bramante makes leaves the cites in his works “unfinished” knowing they can enrich themselves with new stories.  As Davide Bramante himself has said, “they might be works which are never completed, as they continually offer new insights and reflections… A sort Tower of Babel that develops in height toward the sky”.

No longer only buildings, churches and monuments, Davide Bramante’s ideal cities are composed above all of people and differences: “Cities become Metropolises when enriched by new citizens.  New ideal cities become such, not only because of their architecture, but when they mix styles of life.  It is not dimension that makes a city important, but rather how many stories are linked to it”.

For this exhibition his collages have also become the backgrounds, the settings for Davide Bramante’s unpublished sculptures inspired by Stomachion, a mathematical game perfected by Archimedes, that Davide Bramante is presenting to the public for the first time.

The itinerary presented in the exhibition starts from here, from the works that signal the novelty in Davide Bramante’s artistic production.  Then it continues through a small pace that connects the two main rooms, glancing into the past, presenting new photographs of Rome, the subject of Davide Bramante’s earlier exhibition in this Gallery in 2015. 

In the second room there are various works in a small format to serve as a balance to a large work in alluminium.

The exhibition is accompanied by a text by the philosopher Elio Cappuccio, ex vice director and editorial consultant of the magazine Tema Celeste and current president of the Collegio Siciliano di Filosofia.

Via Sant’Angelo in pescheria, 32