In ogni dove
curated by Giorgia Calò
09 Mar 2017 – 22 Apr 2017

The exhibition presents recent work by the artist. Medium and large works in which Claudia Peill detects the conscience of the metropolitan landscape being talked about the disused places, crevices and details of an urban fabric that recalls an idea “archeologica”-contemporary city.

Claudia Peill constantly works on the idea of the double. Use peer much painting than photography in a continuous state of perceptive deception. The fragments of reality captured by the photographs processed in digital forms are returned to the public as decontextualized and therefore hardly relocatable. These are counterbalanced by the pictorial layers consist of overlapping colors that complement the narrative of the photographic image. So there is no hierarchy between form and color, between painting and photography that have merged into a single gesture: the detail of an abandoned building, an abandoned mine, a street manhole, all these “desolations architecture”, a spokeswoman for a time, communicate constantly with the pictorial abstraction, forcing the Viewer to look away from the didactic thinking and chaotic city.

Nothing should be thought of in one way.

Through a metaphysical silence where the image is divorced from the idea of temporality, Peill manages to bring out the soul of a place where non-place is deliberately absent human presence.

The artist thus exceeds the problematic that sees the painting for more than a century survive in the era of the burgeoning photography, creating a plan of dialogue between two such different languages, without prevarication but making sure that the one becomes the complement of the other.

In the small space that connects the two rooms of the gallery are set a series of elegant black and white cards where once again Claudia Peill plays so researched the relationship between drawing and photography, between image and abstraction.

Via Sant’Angelo in pescheria, 32