19 jun 2018 – 10 oct 2019

Francesco Cervelli, Mauro Di Silvestre, Brigita Huemer, Daniel Jouseff, Francesca Matarazzo, Lorenzo Modica, Angelica Romeo, Maurizio Savini, Nicole Voltan.

The Group Show is the exhibition that show the works of the artists who collaborated with the gallery, from the moment of its opening. The gallery space has been set up to restate a critical journey that will accompany the visitor on a memorable path that will take place in the entire gallery space.

In this exhibition there are several artistic researches connected: the complex painting of Francesco Cervelli and Mauro Di Silvestre, the particular works by Daniel Jouseff, Lorenzo Modica, Maurizio Savini and Nicole Voltan. Until the harmonious plexiglass by Birigita Huemer which dialogue with the material and graphic paintings by Angelica Romeo and Francesca Matarazzo.

The exhibition which celebrate the opening of the gallery is Nel fondo del tempo, it was dedicated to Francesco Cervelli and Mauro Di Silvestre, who both were confronted whit the themes of the flow of the time and human memory. Francesco Cervelli has a conceptual approach and his works there are citations taken from the collective history in order to capture the viewer’s attention to bring it back to the most representative places of the history of art. Otherwise, Mauro Di Silvestre’s works are the result of a pictorial language which has source of inspiration in the personal memory: in his works we can see objects, scenes of life that overlap with decorative patterns.

The artistic research of Nicole Voltan, who was the protagonist of the site-specific exhibition entitled Piano CIELO / Piano TERRA, develops following different artistic mediums like fiber art, painting and sculpture. Each works conceal a theoretical complexity that can be read as a journey between different levels of understanding the nature, along which art and science provide different representations of a knowledge that expands and changes, with the aim of understand the man in its complexity.

Among the young emerging artists appears the work of Lorenzo Modica, who explores themes such as images, languages, the chance and the relationship with the architectural space. On this occasion the work exposed was made after an artistic residency held in 2015 in Belgrade.

In the show there is also the artist Maurizio Savini, well known for his creations made with chewing gum and with its works of art give a critical interpretation of the contemporary society.

The exhibition continues with the works of Francesca Matarazzo, which were exhibited at the show called Ipergrafie. Francesca Matarazzo’s works are characterized by a material transcription of graphic signs that derive from a compositional process about a reflection on the themes of time, the unconscious and the identity.

For the artist Daniel Jouseff are exposed works born from the FLAGS series, which reflect on the iconography of the flag as a symbol of identity and cultural belonging. The “borderline” artist, born in Sweden but of Palestinian origin, focuses his artistic production on identity research, and associating the irrational and the rational, the belonging to a place and the search for it.

At the end of the exhibition are exposed the works of the two artists, Brigita Huemer and Angelica Romeo, who were recently protagonists of the retrospective titled EMOTIVA, in which both highlighted the analysis of the ego and the complexity of the human being and the his emotions. The geometric and monochromatic painting on plexiglass by Brigita Huemer tending to capture the fluid material through the pictorial gesture, enters into a dialogue with the gestural painting of Angelica Romeo.


piazza Borghese 1/A