Stefano Arienti | SALES STUDIO

Stefano Arienti | SALES STUDIO

05 Mar 2018 – 12 May 2018

Stefano Arienti is one of the most significant, innovative and iconic artists of his generation, an essential reference point for the new generations and has long collaborated with the gallery.

Stefano Arienti first collaboration dates back to the 1997 staff, which was followed by many other projects (2000, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2015) in the gallery and outside of it.

Le Meridiane” by Stefano Arienti was presented publicly for the first time at the Villa Croce Museum in Genoa, on the occasion of the personal exhibition “Meridiane windows: Intersections with the collection of Villa Croce”, curated by Anna Daneri and Francesca Serrati and born from a project by Ilaria Bonacossa. On that occasion, “Le Meridiane” had been exhibited together with another group of abstract works on paper that the artist calls “Fondi” and in dialogue with a selection of works from the museum’s collection.

The title of the Roman exhibition recalls the very nature of the exhibition project that Stefano Arienti began to develop in 2012, ie cards and plasters born in close relationship with the sun and its movements.
The execution of this corpus of works, which can be thought of individually, as diptychs or small groups, is always the same: “le Meridiane” are in fact tempera and pastel drawings made following the light that passes through the windows of the house or those of the artist’s studio in Milan, with a technique that has been increasingly refined over the years and consists of translating directly, with his own body, the variations of light, through the color chosen from time to time.

The exhibition at the “SALES Studio by Norberto Ruggeri” focuses exclusively on the “Meridiane” and presents both works on paper and works on a fresco basis always of the same format (150 × 100 cm) in a specially conceived setting in dialogue with the exhibition space of the gallery, with its large grilled industrial window overlooking the square below.

SALES Studio by Norberto Ruggeri
Piazza Dante, 2