Marco Giordano | FRUTTA

Marco Giordano | My Mouth in your Mind | FRUTTA

My Mouth in your Mind
20 set 2019 – 8 nov 2019

Marco Giordano’s second show at Frutta, titled My Mouth in your Mind, presents a new body of sculptural works and a series of wall pieces that reflects upon the relationship between language and sexuality, tackling both human and non-human realms.

Panels of acoustic foam panels cover the gallery’s walls, turning the space into a recording studio. Five shells (Mouth, 2019) are underpinned by black metal stands, looming up at the centre of the space. Jets of foam leak fitfully out from their apertures, generated from air pumps that blow inside containers filled by water and soap.

Assuming the oxymoronic identity of living inorganic bodies, the shells assemble a chorus that sing songs concerning sexuality, perception, being non-humans in a word regulated by human agency. However, their language is incomprehensible since it is expressed through foam and soap bubbles that burst, fall to the ground and reform themselves. Shells’ sexuality, given by the incessant drip of fluids from their orifices, is one of the main hints of My Mouth in your Mind.

Black plexiglass wall pieces are encrusted on the soft material of the acoustic panels. On their glossy surface short writings as: “Fucked by the sea to become the sea”; “eat our sound / eat our smell”; “listen with your mouth” are painted with enamel. Phrases are those pronounced by the shells, inaccessible for human ears but here translated by Marco Giordano in six songs – part of an album – that will be played by a performer during the opening night. The plexiglass panels recall for their size and style those TV screens that can be easily seen in any karaoke, as though the public is invited to sing together.

Piazza Farnese Rome