Giovanni Kronenberg | Z2O SARA ZANIN

Giovanni Kronenberg | Z2O SARA ZANIN

12 feb 2019 – 18 mar 2019

Second solo show by Giovanni Kronenberg at Z2O

The exhibition displays the last production of the artist, a series of sculptures, drawings and intervention realized during the last year: peculiar and unusual objects on which Giovanni Kronenberg intervenes with alterations and changes. The sculptural interferences operated by the artist are capable to influence the shape and the statute and can create a connection between distant times and materials, hardly comparable to each other.

The construction of combinatory grammar underpins Giovanni Kronenberg’s work, a grammar that acts on the slow sedimentation of the evocative quality inherent in objects and on the subsequent alteration of that qualities through forms of intrusion.

The objects and materials linked up by the artist are informed with the past, but they don’t generate any kind of narration, they rather contain several dimensions of time that settle without generating meaning.

Via della Vetrina, 21