Così è (se vi pare)
curated by Lorenzo Respi
06 Mar 2018 – 07 Apr 2018

In the contemporary art world Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Del Monte Casoni, who go by Bertozzi & Casoni, stand out for their original and innovative ceramic sculptures. Known international for the refinement of their creations, in the thirty plus years of artistic research on these materials at a technical and executive level the work becomes an expressive language. The art treasures craftsmanship skills while at the same time investigates new potentials thanks to the use of modern industrial technologies.

Although at a distance the look of their work may seem to simply be copies of real life because of their accuracy in finishing of the smallest details, in fact Bertozzi & Casoni never aim to speak the language of realism. Rather they aim for a more complex sentiment. The objects, furnishings, plants and animals serve as leftovers and testimonies of the past to mimic representations of the original references. There is a recomposition and readaption in the form of sculpture or installations where everything assumes a new meaning, a new expressive vitality, which intends to portray the vices and virtues of contemporary society.

For Bertozzi & Casoni there is not a single universally accepted reality, but instead there are many possible interpretations of everyday experiences. The artist aim to make these experiences tangible with sculptures. In the Pirandello show: Così è (se vi pare) each person interprets the “real facts” from a strictly personal point of view, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions from the enigma and making the deciphering of the “reality of facts” insolvable. For the artist, as well as the viewers, there is a relativism of forms and meanings that makes it impossible to have a certain vision of reality. For these reasons the works of Bertozzi & Casoni do not reproduce existing. Rather, they reproduce existence in forms that, through manic mania and pungent irony, unveil the contradictions of the consumer society that shows is only partial truth.

Via Sant’Angelo in pescheria, 32