Alberto Porro | GALLERIA VARSI

Alberto Porro | Metaordinario | Galleria Varsi

curated by Chiara Pietropaoli
19 jan 2019 – 10 feb 2019

First solo exhibition by Alberto Porro, an Italian artist born in 1986 and currently living in Canada.

For this show the artist presents a series of new oil paintings and linoleographs, which highlights his evolution from print to painting.

Since 2005 Alberto Porro has investigated different artistic disciplines. Starting with the study of photography and calcography, which have brought him to further explore the possibilities of the darkroom and of engraving, he has experimented with graffiti during a full immersion in the world writing scene of Europe, the United States and Oceania.

While respecting the nature of the different media used, the artist’s simultaneous research of multiple tools has led him to create an aesthetic vocabulary that has found its best means of expression in painting. This coincides with Alberto Porro’s will to abstract himself from the limitations of reality, bringing the attention of the viewer to the relationship between form and meaning, thus decreeing its end.

If in linoleography the artist investigates pure space, synthesizing it in geometries, openings, and establishing a dialogue between what is internal and external, material and immaterial, in paintings he depicts objects of ordinary reality that are shown and yet denied, in progressive steps towards emptiness.

In the series of paintings “Still Life”, Alberto Porro composes still lives in motionless spaces, where elements of daily use coexist as strangers but in orderly fashion thanks to the careful study of volumes and chiaroscuro, which feeds on the influence of photography. The bright tones of graffiti are smothered in a gray scale and the speed of action gives room to static.

The elements arranged on wood, a material also used as support and texture, share alienation from a defined context, revealing a metaphysical, monotonous and quiet dimension. The rigid boundaries of objects become inconsistent, where known substances welcome fragments of an ideal space, revealing uncertainties.

The alienation from what is common reaches its limit in the work “Senza titolo”, where form no longer speaks an ordinary language but becomes absolute communication.

Paintings by Alberto Porro imagine and create “things”, starting from reminiscences of objects that attract his attention to distortions of formal and conceptual structures. A garbage bag becomes the symbol of this action; twisted and unfolded, emptied or multiplied, it develops into the evanescent memory of an idea.

Alberto Porro starts from the certainties of the physical world to reach the more certain and truthful mystery of emptiness.

Via di Grotta Pinta, 38