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Ended Exhibitions > Fratelli d'Italia VIII | GALLERIA MANIERO


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FRATELLI D'ITALIA | 9 Nov - 10 Dec 2011

curated by Manuela Alessandra Filippi


The exhibition FRATELLI D'ITALIA has reached its last and highly anticipated event, what you will see the restoration, or rather the conjunction of all the regions of Italy, performed by twenty artists who have agreed to join and participate in the company.

A project that initially seemed impossible and it saw, without exception, all committed to the creation of this extraordinary adventure. 

The result has far exceeded all expectations. A colorful, varied, diverse, joyful, raw, violent, sad, happy, intense reading of our country. 

The result of twenty thoughts, without any connection between them, were able tocreate a unique work, rich in organic and formal balance and composition.

Techniques, languages, styles, colors, and live together without eliminating itwithout overpowering each other. In a time when factions, particularism, the inability to listen and share common goals seem to have the upper hand, this exhibition is a wonderful example of unity and participation. A unanimous response to the ambitious and much-discussed celebration of the Unification of Italy, to which we have adhered looking for, in our small, to make a mark.

As Goethe said, "You can not escape the world so much safer than with art, and there is joined to it more safely than with art."

Artists:Bruno Benuzzi, Enrica Borghi, Maurizio Cannavacciuolo,  Adrea Chiesi,  Fabrice De Nola,  Alberto Di Fabio, Tamara Ferioli, Ettore Frani, Sarah Ledda, Tommaso Lisanti, Carla Mattii, Franco Passalacqua, Simone Racheli, Ascanio Renda, Max Rohr, Massimo Ruiu, Serse, Antonio Sofianopulo, Francesca Tulli, Corrado Zeni.



Galleria Maniero

Via dell'Arancio, 79
Tel+39 06

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