Il Giardino Perduto
07 Dec 2017 – 17 Feb 2018

New solo exhibition by Matteo Nasini on his ongoing reflection on the idea of landscape.

The exhibition engages with each and every room of the gallery, as the Matteo Nasini’s delicate sensitivity takes over the environment and invites the viewer to enter the space and build their own perceptual and contemplative path.

Il Giardino Perduto, 2017 is composed of massive column shafts made of a wood-and-iron core then gently tapered in wool and set up throughout the gallery space as a sort of minimalistic architecture and abstract landscape, in between the artificial and the natural.

While the main space has a strong architectural essence, Matteo Nasini dedicates the rooms downstairs to a more intimate and abstract idea of landscape. A sound installation pervades the ambiance, allowing the viewer to let go to an immersive listening to the translation of the electrical activity of a sleeping brain to spontaneous and accidental music compositions.

Within this sound landscape, the Dream Portraits (porcelain sculptures made by transforming brainwaves in tridimensional solids) become the sounding boards that amplify and potentiate the music, thus facilitate the dive into the dream state.

Via del Consolato, 10