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Ended Exhibitions > Jannis Kounellis | FONDAZIONE VOLUME!

Jannis Kounellis | FONDAZIONE VOLUME!

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Jannis Kounellis | FONDAZIONE VOLUME!

25 Sep 2013 - 15 Nov 2013
curated by Danilo Eccher

After 15 years of work that opened the activities VOLUME!, Kounellis back to Gallery.

Presence willed in order to affirm the importance of time for reflection and re-start a step back to face a future in the sign of the past.

Ropes dense embroidering on 12 iron plates, in a single act, which engraves the matter and space. A work of weaving works on sheet metal, imitating the gestures the embroiderers, and transforms the twine on strong and resistant, that crossing from one side to the hardness of the iron, it fraying.

The modularity of the surfaces - all the size of a bed - and the path of the strings emphasize the centrality of the human experience in the art, which here completion, thanks to the domestic dimension that characterizes spaces of VOLUME!.

The wardrobe, the same surgery in 1998, returned in this new job, as a key element in the same position that time, but full of new meanings.

Jannis Kounellis | FONDAZIONE VOLUME! | Rome Gallery Tours

Via San Francesco di Sales, 86/88 

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