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Ended Exhibitions > Sissi | Fondazione VOLUME!

Sissi | Fondazione VOLUME!

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Sissi | Fondazione VOLUME!

VOLUME INTERNO | 25 Ott - 26 Nov 2012
curated by Claudia Gioia

Second stage of a research path that Sissi begun with Anatomia Parallela I.

The artist develops in this work for Fondazione VOLUME! her personal analysis of human anatomy. This research penetrates her entire artistic experience, from the beginning, becoming for VOLUME! a “practicable” esthetic experience.

Some kind of going back to the origins, therefore, to an interiority with a double sense: the artist’s one in a travel into herself and the space’s one, which receives its signification in a semiotic entertainment which becomes a cognitive and experimental travel made of continuous symbolic references from inside and outside.

The exhibition space will become a book to cross, its rooms pages to read, to understand, to study. The drawings, as anatomic tables, will trace out a map on the walls of the gallery. The narrative logics will lean against the space, where paragraphs, chapters and commas will stand in harmony with the environment, with the curves, the corridors and the rooms, developing a multiplicity of itineraries, relations and significations.



Via di San Francesco di Sales 86|88

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