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REFLEX | 09 Oct - 24 Nov 2012
curated by Luca Massimo Barbero

Known to international audiences for the Visual impact and the colour of his paintings, the artist has long impressed public attention and critical acclaim not only through the emotion and the power of his works, but also by the method, the procedure and the thought that these works well. 

Reflex is the solo exhibition of British artist Ian Davenport (July 8, 1966, Kent), curated by Luca Massimo Barbero.  
Since the beginning the process of his painting was one of the pivotal points of his research. Over time his thinking painting corresponds technically and conceptually to build with color a "painted" sliding on a vertical surface and letting the full force of gravity flow and the location of the painting.

His works reveal themselves as outstanding colour and marked tracks her journey, transformed then into strong, rhythmic, timbral paintings. As in a radical experiment, scientific, a lucid as conscious consistency, Ian Davenport painting looks precisely like action, weather, expectation and surprise of what painting we will present. Known for its steel plates, belonging to the series of "Puddle Paintings where the vertical bands of color come together at the end of the surface, Davenport has devised for this his view of Roman new works and runs to the wall of a gallery 's" Wall Drawing "summarising its new search.

There are also some large Diptychs and a path in the artist's work over the past two years including some works that belong to the series of Staggered Lines as well as some Puddle Paintings devoted to Manet or Bonnard and their quest for color. In Rome, and especially to the idea of the colors and the richness of Roman Renaissance painting, the artist devotes some new works conceived for this occasion and that, in their vertical rhythm of colour and sense of time that the artist wanted to find in this city.

A catalog with a dialogue between the artist and the curator of the exhibition will accompany the artist's staff, documenting the installation in the gallery and the works carried out for this occasion.

Giacomo Guidi Arte Contemporanea
Palazzo Sforza Cesarini
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 282/284

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