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Ended Exhibitions > Gregorio Botta | Il Segno

Gregorio Botta | Il Segno

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The air has no home | 20 Mar - 26 Apr 2012
curated by Guglielmo Gigliotti
Gregorio Botta | Il Segno | Rome Gallery Tours
Il Segno opens its renovated space with a personal Gregorio Botta. The artist presents his latest works, made between 2011 and 2012.

The search Botta has done over time increasingly precise, thin air: creating an area with very little and geometries essential. Glass, running water, refraction of light, carbon black pursue the passage of time and the floating world.

The title of the exhibition, (a line from Emily Dickinson), evokes the air that you breathe in these last works and that through them like a gust of wind.
Twenty years ago, to sign, Gregorio Botta held the first exhibition of his artistic career. Nearly fifty years after the founding of the gallery, now directed by Francesca Antonini, the current exhibition coincides with the beginning of a new season of il Segno, that presents its completely renovated rooms.

Il Segno
Via Capo le case, 4

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